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buying software online


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From my experience, OEM software on eBay is cheapest.

You can always buy a CD Pre SP2, which will probably be even cheaper. Just download the SP yourself and apply or slipstream to your install CD

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I have bought alot of software “thousands of dollars” from Vio they are a very good company. There in Colorado so I get it in just 2 or 3 days, Vio has always shipped fast. I recommend them all the time and have never had a problem with them.

atomicpark is another place I get software from sometimes, atomicpark seems to have software when others are out. I havn't had a problem with them either but there alittle higher in price.


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awesome I think I found my copy of xp x64. it just seemed way to good to be true. A licensed copy of x64 for 71 dollars!

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