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7 Jan 2004
Where should I look for a reputable, inexpensive store for a HP laptop? Looking at the nx6110 as a possible purchase.
HP makes good PCs, and this post is singularly MY OPINION... I would stay away from HP.

Think of it this way, you will hardly ever have any issues with the PC, but when you decide to upgrade it, you need to take it into the dealer to upgrade and/or fix because most of everything is proprietary to HP.

I would stick to Dell, great products and great warranty and service.

But since you asked for sites or stores:

They range from 1300-1700 for that model.

I would also check with circuit city or best buy, sometimes that have specials for a percentage off on your entire purchase...

good luck
From PC Connection I found this one HP nx6110 1.6GHz processor, 15in display
New in box, not a refurb. $649.95 with a cordless mous and carrying case in the deal. What do you think?
I too would avoid HP like the plague - had enough of their bargain offers in the "compact desktop" arena - look nice and really crap - the one thing they were good at designing was built in obsolesence.... in a laptop this is exactly what you are fighting AGAINST....

there are some good dell threads around though (hint)
sorry gonaads - I did nto click the link so had no idea that was dell... I just felt the need to urge a little caution, but I do understand if you are on a budget and you may have other factors - so HP it is (although inside it will really be something else I think!)
No Prob, the link wasn't Dell, it was for HP but some just like what they like and it doesn't matter how many of us say anything to the contrary. That's all I ment. Anywho... :D
Misunderstanding, not locked onto HP. In fact you have convinced me. Will start looking for some good deals on Dell. Thanks for steering me away from trouble.......
see Gonaads! :p

/me feels raather smug....

looks around for repage and feels quite teh wh0re...

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