Buying a new case


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i like the look of the enermax better. and i'm not a fan of drive bay doors so i like they way that one allows for access to one optical drive with the door closed.


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the enermax is just ugly, i dont find that good looking at all. I have a wavemaster but that was ~150$ might be a little high for you (with no PS)
I would love to get a coolermaster case but I have a limited budjet. Newegg also has the enermax case in white (Link).
I looked at all the cases that newegg has to offer and the enermax seems to be the best choice.


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A case is a chunk of cheap sheet metal except for the power supply. Go Enermax.

God knows what POS power supply the Aspire has in it.

Esthetic warning! Black cases need to be dusted constantly. They show the dust something awful.


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i dont know man, i dont like that enermax case at all now when i take a GOOD look at it. the QUOTE feet on it is ugly in my mind, the front door shows an opening for 1 cd/dvd drive (show none or all) to me i just looks cheap sorry man but its not my choice get what you like
What do you think about this one Link

Its $79 with shipping and handling? The enermax case really looks cheap so I wont be getting it, I'll be ordering the parts tomorow so I really need to make my decision tonight.

BTW. I'm also going to get the abit NF-7 V2, alot of people have recommended it and for $92 I think its a steal.
Dont not get the Enermax becasue i have a thermaltake xaser 3 and it looks like the same deisgn. The top is only good of you have onboard audio, if you have a soundbard it wont work. The usb dont work. The purple on the side, i took out beasue you cant see inside yr pc and you get crap for airflow with it. So if you get it, take it out. My motherboard went down 10 degrees when i took it out.


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That Antec looks almost identical to the case I bought for a client just a few days ago. Nice and roomy, great airflow, sturdy, and you can't go wrong with Antec -- they are great cases.


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TKC; i hope you're not letting people's opinions on asthetics change your purchase plans. how a case looks it up to you.

and which board did you get? NF7 or NF7-S? i hope you mean NF7-S because $92 for an NF7 isn't a very good deal.
I'm getting the NF7-s. So its settled I'll be ordering the antec PlusView1000AMG and the abit NF7-S V2. Thank for your opinions guys its well appreciated. I'll give you guys an update when the system is up and running.
System is now up and running.
Specs: Antec plusview 1000amg
Athlon 2800+ barton
Geil 512mb pc3200 2 6-3-3
Vantec Aeroflow C7040
Abit Nf7-s V2
Asus 52x24x52

Will be getting new hard drives, video card, fans, and powersupply.

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