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buying a digital camera

so i guess the new cool one is 5mega pixels, and then gateway has a 3.5mp for around $250, but what would i be looking for in a digital camera, i wouldnt even know where to start.

gotta have USB or Firewire, and take some good pictures.. not sure what else i need, or even want!

help me out guys.. thanks.


Look for something up to 2048 x1536 or more, for picture print definition as in Desktop bmp clarity.
Also provision of at least 64Mb memory card (up to 256 mB)
This would allow 150-300 pics@max setting.
Originally posted by Sazar
is this a continuation of the other thread?
no, im not asking which one to buy, im asking 'what do i look for'... the whole subject confuses me. optical zoom, digital zoom, do those lcd's help much? how small is too small??

thats more what im asking about.


As far as digital and optical zoom is concerned, you can now get cameras with both....such as 3 x digital plus 4 x optical.
This wll enhance the 2- 5 megapixel images for views and panoramas etc ,together with the optical factor available withstandard cameras ....so a very useful addition.
LCD really essential and available in most but the cheapest cameras.
Look for one with "Secure digital" (SD) memory system, if possible,that will accept up to 256 Mb cards to allow 100s pics to be saved @ max definition when needed.

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