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Buy.com horror


The Donger Need Food!!!!
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So I ordered this product. http://www.buy.com/retail/product.asp?sku=202293263&loc=101&sp=1

It says in stock on the website but I made the order on 12-21-2006.

I've sent 3 emails and made 2 calls and so far I've been told that the order should ship like 3 times and 2 more times told to wait a little longer. This is the second time buy.com has done this to me and both times where when I got a really good price on something and since my initial order the price has gone up.

If they didn't have really good deals on somethings I would probably never order from there again because of the non response to most of my emails and the waiting for 30 minutes on hold to be told wait a little longer.


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A guy I work with recently went through the same ordeal. Their Customer Service can stink and are hard to get in touch with by phone.

Best of luck to you.


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Use your power as a consumer... report their a$$es to the BBB... and If I were you I would report them BOTH in the state where they reside and where YOU reside... that way there is a record in both locations...

I had to do this with a company who refused to reimburse me shipping... they got a negative mark from the BBB but I have since found out that they have changed their name (re-incorporated) and nothing follows them..

Consumer advocate groups need to get involved in cases such as these to make sure shaddy businesses KEEP any and all bad marks which they have accumulated.

just my $.02...


The Donger Need Food!!!!
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I am gettign somewhere with them. I had a google checkout coupon and want to make sure that my order still only costs the 78 dollars it was supposed to but I'm worried because buy.com is changing my order number!! No idea what is going on. I'll see how it plays out and decide.


The Donger Need Food!!!!
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so they updated my order and said it would ship in a few days...it's been more than few days and is sitting on sent to warehouse...I can't handle this crap...as soon as this ordeal is over the BBB will get a report and I will probably never shop there again unless they have a great deal on something.

I always used them because they were reliable!

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