Buslink DVD and win xp



Anyone have a buslink dvd player that works with windows xp? For some reason, my dvd player doesn't want to work anymore even though it worked when I had win 2k. I could be drivers but I've looked at buslink's site and tried using what they had for dl, but it still didn't work. As for software I've tried using powerdvd and windvd and I still can't play any dvd's. The drive works fine as a cd rom drive, but when I put in a dvd, it almost slows down my entire comp, and it seems like it's just spinning the cd. I can't even get a picture to show up in any viewer. Any ideas anyone?


check under ur dvd rom properties (in the hardware profile) whether it is allowning "DMA"...

is ur dvd connect to IDE or RAID? make sure u r using a regular cable (40 pin) instead of 80 pin cable....
I have a Buslink Model DR1 8x(according to the little manual that came with it), and it's working well for me. I did have to get a firmware upgrade for it though.