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burntpixel.co.uk update


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hey, i have updated my design of my personal site. id apprciate it if people could report back any what they think, any errors or issues that are encountered, and anything browser or OS related that i may have to fix. Its a fairly simple site so it should be ok.

Im thinking of possible ways to make more use of the site, the only thing i can think of is tutorials, easy to maintain and no extra work once up hehe, any suggestions

many thanks


p.s im experinacing some problems with it not loading, now this may be my crap connection or server side, please let me know


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I like it, but I'll tell you what people told me. Launching a second window (popup) from the main page is annoying.


OSNN Addict
yeah i know exactly what u mean. however due to the fact that i designed the website on 1280x768, i didnt scale all the flash and images down enough so that it would work on 1024 as well as i wanted it to. Grrr. Why carnt it be universal hehe. So the only option was to open up a new window with out the bar at the top of the browser ... is there anyway to open one up in the same window and not have the stuff at the top of the internet browsers window?

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