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burning with 2 dvdr drives makes cds skip


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ok have a friend with a problem and I can't figure out anything to help.

I'll try and be as detailed as possible.

ok, has 2 dvdr drives installed, when he goes to copy a cd with the original in one drive and the blank in another the cd does nothing but skip when it's playing.

Has the hd on one IDE cable and the two dvdr drives on another cable one set to master and one slave.

we have tried updating his via chipset drivers. Another guess that I have and we haven't tried yet is that he should have the drives on separate IDE cables.
Also, he asked me about the audio cable out of the dvdr drives but I thought you didn't need to use those anymore.

As for everything else OS is Windows XP and burning software is nero 6 that came with the drive.

on a weird side note he burned one disc where the first five songs didn't have any sound and then 6 played perfectly!!?!?!?


The Donger Need Food!!!!
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that's what I thought I'll have him try it...so Lord before we try should it be hd master, dvdr slave, and then dvdr master on other cable?


The Donger Need Food!!!!
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ok sounds good. I'll make sure to tell him to make sure he remembers which one he puts as master on it's own cable and to put the blank disc in that one. The cables he has now aren't long enough to set it up so he might get a longer one

thanks for the help LoL
I've made copies drive to drive with both on the same IDE. The only problem I had was that the cache was not big enough to support a maximum speed burn. It ran dry just about 95% done. The drives can send/burn faster than my computer can pass the data even with UDMA turned on. So set the burn rate down at 24x or 32x.

Other than that I never had an issue.


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Hmm.. I've done DVD-ROM -> DVD+RW drive before with them both on same channel (DVD+RW was master of course) with no issues @ all.

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