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Burning Speed


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Hey all,

I have a Sony cdburner ... I don't know the model or anything but I do know its 48x. The problem I'm experiencing is when I go to burn a disk Nero will allow me to choose a speed that is less than 48x. The disks I have say they are rated at 48x and possibly higher but Nero won't allow it. Does anyone know of a way to override Nero's settings or a way to get what a paid for out of my disks?

I didn't know if this is a hardware issue or software so I just posted it without much though. Sorry if this is a problem.
maybe your cd writer reads @ 48x but doesn't write @ 48x. just double check and tell me. if not maybe b/c theres a limitation on the nero demos or something.....highly doubt it tho


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I have this problem now, my burner is 32x but i can only burn at 24x but i know whats caused it.

a while back i installed alcohol 120% alongside nero. everything was fine using alcohol burning at 32x but when i uninstalled it nero only lets me burn at 24x


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maybe try some different media. though some say they're 48x compatible, they might be on the cheap side and not really able to be burned at that speed with all burners.
I had the same problem. 40x burner.
would only burn 24x fuji media at 16x.

would burn 24x Imation media at 40x.

Solution, I only buy Imation now.


I wouldn't burn at the absolute maximum speed. I would select one speed lower on the drop down menu to burn so the burner doesn't miss some data or anything like that.

I have an old burnder where the max is 12X. :(

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