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can you take a dual layer dvd and burn it to a single layer dvd? i know they are different sizes but is there any way..i just got a dvd burner and dont really understand how it all works...


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You won't be able to copy the entire contents of the dual-layer disc onto a single-layer disc because the two can't hold the same amount of data. Dual-layer discs hold 8.x GB and single-layers hold 4.x GB. If your burner is a dual-layer burner, then you can buy dual-layer discs and make copies just fine.

You might be able to achieve a copy if you compress the audio or video, but I wouldn't want to do that personally. Instead, I would delete content that wasn't necessary. For example, subtitles and extra features on a DVD movie could be cut from the copy so that the entire movie fits on a single-layer DVD.


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I recommend DVD Shrink, which lets you easily select which bits of the disk you want and will compress the video if there's still not enough space (usually the case even without the extras et al)

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