Burning DVD Movie files to a disk? Failed backup of dvd


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Dec 24, 2001
Hey guys,

I had recently purchased the new X3 - The Last Stand movie, and with the rest of my movies I wanted to back it up. I use DVD Shrink to be able to accomplish this, however I feel as though that is not the best program. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. I had thought that this time it was going to work successfully, it went through, copied the files to the directory that I specified, however about 90% of the burn to disk, it failed.

I'm not quite sure as to the error, the log did not display really too many error messages. However, I do still have all of the files still in that directory. I tried using Nero to burn it, however it wants Audio TS files and Video TS files... and all of the files I have in the directory appear to be Video TS files. If I don't have anything in the Audio directory, will it still work correctly?

Is there anything else that can turn the files I have in the DVD Directory on my computer into an actual working DVD Movie?



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Oct 7, 2004
Punk, did you make sure the movie was within the 4.7gb size? Make sure of that and try and burn it again. You could also just copy it as an ISO instead of having shrink burn it straight away, then use another iso burn program like poweriso.


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Mar 21, 2002
If you want a tip for backing up DVDs, especially those that are larger than 4.7GB, use DVD Decrypter and this will easily rip the whole thing to an ISO on your computer. You can then unpack this ISO using something like WinRar to unpack files, and you can use Nero Recode to adjust the size of the DVD to fit on a single layer disc. Piece of cake, and virtually guaranteed to work.

Please bear in mind that it is illegal in some countries to back up DVDs by avoiding the copy protection, even if you own the actual disc. I don't personally agree with that, but them's the rules apparently!

FYI DVD Decrypter is freeware, WinRar is shareware, but Nero Recode you'll have to pay for unless you got it with your DVD burner.


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Dec 24, 2001
Unfortunately I did not get Nero Recode with my software, though that is a means I may be willing investigate in. And lancer, according to DVD Shink it definitely was within the size limits for a single layer disk, without having to do any thing myself. I will try those means, I have a whole spindle of CD's so it's not like I'm afraid to waste a disk... :)


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Dec 5, 2005
DVD Srhink and DVD Decrypter aren't being updated anymore, thus they don't work on newer copy protections. (dvd shrink has a particularly old version of decrypter built in, so stick with the standalone decrypter)

basically several steps are needed here:

-dvd decryter processes the DVD and creates a PSL file (like a map to the dvd, telling it where the troublesome areas are)

-dvd decrypter utilizes this PSL file, and decrypts the dvd to the hard disk

-fixVTS processes the dvd to ensure compliancy. this is vital for certain dvds

-the folder is loaded into dvd shrink, which gives perfect output every time if presented with a 'perfect' source

they need a little help to crack such protection. http://www.ripit4me.org. rather easy to use.


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Apr 8, 2005
Something similar to dvd decrypter that does get updated and does work, is AnyDVD

Give that a try.

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