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Burning a 4.6gig iso....

My 4.7 gig DVD's Are only showing as 4.5gig in nero, is that normal?

I have tried Bulkpak DVD's and HP DVD+rw's..both are showing the same, I have a 4.6gig iso file I need to burn.

Any ideas?

Nero version is 6.6.05


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It's not just you or just nero for that matter, every program I've ever used has done the same thing, and if you use something like dvdshrink you'll notice that it shrinks down to about 4.3-4.4 GB not 4.7. I always assumed that it was something like what happens with HDD, where the size on the box is not the same as the actually data size. 4.7GB ~ 4700000000 B = 4.377...GB. That's just what I always figured, dunno if it's right or not. I've never actually thought about it much.
In reality 1MB = 1024KB but with DVD's they round it down to 1000KB so the actual size of a DVD is only 4.382GB instead of 4.7GB. As with CD's though, you can overburn some DVD's.

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