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Burning 90min CDs


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I have a friend wanting to burn a 92 minute CD. He had bought 90 minute CD/R discs, but his LG 4480B CD/Write drive doesn't appear to be able to cope with writing this amount to CD. He has been told there is a patch he can download. I cannot find anything about writing large amounts to CD on the LG Web Site. Anyone tried burning more than 80 minutes to CD?


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Oh, I've seen these 90min CD-Rs in Dixons. Not willing to touch them since there is very little information about it. You may need to upgrade the firmware for the CD drive, otherwise it may use the overburn feature on most programs like Nero. Usually it only extends to about 2-4mb on top of the CD's capacity.
Well ive sucesffuly burnt around 730 meg to regular run-of-the-mill 700meg cdr with my old lg drive, and with my new liteon 812s ive managed around 730 iirc. It all depends on the drives capabilities apparenty - also firmware - which can control the maximum out of range movement of the laser head i remember someone telling me. Ive not tried much more because ive never had the need, but i remember reading a document that basically said you just set the max burn space on the overburn bit to 90 minutes and away you go pretty much. you must burn disk at once also - but i dont think it will let you do it otherwsie anyway. :cool:

Anyone got any more insight in to this?
With my Samsung 224B CD-burner I can burn up to (maybe more, but I haven't tried yet) 90 minutes, with Philips 90 min CD-R's, using Nero's overburn option. Nero complains the disc is beyond the 80 min mark, but I say 'Overburn' and it burns ok.
The reason why there is so little information, is because the CD-R(W) standard only supports 74 mins and 80 mins. Anything beyond that, does not comply to the standard and is thus not officially supported. I guess the only way to find out is to try it out, but you can damage your CD-burner with that and loose your guarantee.
yeah thats what i meant by out of range movement :) - if it all goes a bit pear shaped - i.e. ur laser head runs in to something in the drive it can mess ur drive up :rolleyes:
Drivers won't improve your burn capacity. It takes a firmware upgrade for the burner. If there is nothing on the LG site about overburning and an associated firmware upgrade then it can't be legally done. i.e. within warrantee restrictions.

You can try www.cdfreaks.com for a hacked firmware but I don't recommend it unless you are prepared to buy a new burner if the firmware flash hoses up, you use the wrong firmware or if the drive is damaged by the overburn attempt.

If you want to overburn get a drive that supports it. Liteon is fairly good and under $50. Again check cdfreaks for recommendations.

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