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Burn .toast in Windows XP

I'm downloading some .toast files for a friend of mine who has a Mac without an internet connection yet. Is there any app or plugin for current apps that will burn .toast files to a CD/DVD?


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The only way I know how to do this is to convert the image using a mac.

If you want to use a .toast on a mac, in some instances you do not even need to burn the file to CD, just mount it as a drive on the desktop (Done by double clicking).

I'd recommend transporting the file to your friends on some form of re-writable media (CD-rw, external hdd, etc) if available.


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simple change extension to .iso, that's simple :))
I disagree with you. While OS X's disk utility will make .dmg's which are actually ISO's .toasts don't have to be actual ISO's.

On unix there is a command called "file" you pass it a filename as a argument and it tells you what type of file it:

file <filename>

That would be suggested to do before renaming it to ISO, if it says it is a CD 9660 image, you are good to go for renaming, otherwise you need Toast to burn it, in which case you can probably just burn the .toast to a CD as a normal file.


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I will recommend to use transmac to transfer the file to the portable device and bring it to Mac Machine to burn it using Toast or Dragon Burn (Dragon Burn is cheaper)

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