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"bumpy margins"


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Look here and see my comments in thread....

Well, should we have a username restriction?

Or hyphenation?! :eek: :eek: /me imagines the code havoc! :p

this is a really cosmetic issue - not one I care about, but I don't think it came up before despite names like napalminthemorning - leastways I never noticed it before...


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It's not so much a big deal, and if you put an image in the post itself, if it's wide enough it can cause the same thing.

IMO, putting a restriction on usernames short enough to not cause that issue takes away a member's uniqueness or creativity, which we don't need.

From what I have seen, people like that don't post all that much, so I don't see it being a constant issue.

Either way, it only effects their post not the entire page/thread. I also agree it would be much worse if it caused a new line.


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And what if they wish to use their actual name? Like, Zorba Yannopaparopolus. Then what, we shrink it to Yanni?

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