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Bulletproof FTP Server speed problems (On LAN)

At my hostel we are all on a LAN, and a few of us use FTP to transfer files between our computers becuase it's faster than Windows shares, and anyway, one of us is having troubles with speed of transfers. He can transfer off me (or others) fine at 7+ MB/s, but when anyone tries to download off him it only goes at about 250 KB/s. We are all using the same settings in the program (No speed limiting, one connect per user/IP etc), so we don't know what the problem is, and as you can imaging it's extremely frustrating.

We are all using Bulletproof FTP Server version 2.21.

Any help/insight appreciated.


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When you do something like that you have to make sure you are using port 21, and turn passive mode on with the port ranging from 50,000 to 50,049. And use the routed IP to the computer - ie: if the computer is the you would use that, not a url redirect .. If you have it set to passive mode in any port range other than 21 it will not run right, also make sure 21 is port forwarded - You will need to open ports 20 and 21, you won't need to open the passive mode ports ..

This is the problem that is common, it does this with all of the ftp servers. Right now I am using gene6 3.01 Pro, it is great this is how I have it set up I run it on a lan and remote locations, And yes I use this for my own personal use. I don't let anyone download off of me .. But anyway, if you go by what I said above you should be fine ..

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