built by ATi - 9700pro for sale


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ok peeps... my radeon 9700pro is now officially for sale... :)

I will ship it... will ask for quotes from interested parties first before considering EBAY or any other place...

please put down prices HERE if interested... my reserve is going to be around $240-250 (looked @ prices online before sticking that out there)

negotiable... to an extent... :)

like I said... if interested... lemme know...

getting myself an AIW 9700pro instead...


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Originally posted by Bretenn
modded or stock fan?
stock fan..

only difference from stock is a thermaltake copper heatsink on the reverse of the card on the metal plate to aid cooling... does not modify card in any way.. :)

its a stock built by ati 9700pro... no modding of hardware/software... its authentic...

click on 3dmark links for more info if required...


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Originally posted by Electronic Punk
Why not the 9800 AiW ?
lack of money and no new features over and above the AIW 9700pro... which I love btw...

the picture in picture and the snazzy remote are FABULOUS...

need to have 2 tv tuners (ati of course) to have picture in picture which is where my VE comes into play..

krux... if you are serious about buying the card... drop me a pm :)

cheers lads...

btw if anyone wants I can lump c&c generals together with the card for an additional 25 bucks...

its brand new... retail version of the game... all cd's and box... :)


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Originally posted by Cosmin
- brand [?] - haven't been specified .. just curios about your favorite , nothing else .. and even for the new device
I don't follow what you are saying ?

if you are asking about the brand itself... it is a built by ATi product as can be seen in the thread title :)

personal preference... I like built by ATi/sapphire/gigabyte and tyan...

visiontek and crucial also make topnotch products based on ati technology...

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