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Building budget PC


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Ok OSNN peeps...I want to build a rig using $500 (max).
I know it can be done. but the kicker is that I would like to build it with input based on OSNN members opinions on what Hardware to use. This will be used for everyday use. I have built plenty of PCs but It would be nice to build one based on the voices of the forum..I only ask if you do help make a list in your post with the specs and after I get enough info from you I will make the final build list and go with it. Thanks in advance for your input:)


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If you use the free linux os, you can get more for you $500 as Windows XP is expensive, even the oem version.

Are you willing to do that?
How about some spec's to work with?

With or without monitor, printer, OS, mouse, keyboard, HD, optical drives, burners?

Gaming or just office type applications?

Cheapest machine possible or do you want an upgarde path? 64 BIT?


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I have a feeling at this budget upgrade path has to be restricted - ket's face it PCIx is out of the question as is any 6800 variation graphics card. We'll also be wanting to spec. on board sound and probably find a suitable case where the PSU is bundled to keep things nice and economical. I like to regard case/PSU as foundation building blocks - so I am going to start there... Could you tell us more about what is acceptable for your case? Would SFF or mATX be acceptable or do you want to stick to a standard case size? And are you a particularly brand conscious PSU user? If not then can you at the very least tell us the Wattage you think will be acceptable for your build, bearing in mind a 20% ceiling is always good to have and it will be the ultimate limiter for any future upgrading and adding on (although a SFF case would be that too of course!).

Afraid unless you nail some of these down asking for just input is just going to bring you questions TDINC! :p


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Ok...Just a case, As I mentioned in the first post this isnt a gaming rig. A daily user with decent quality hardware. Running XP. I already built a Linux Rig for myself. This is just going to be the household PC that will be in the kitchen office. but again, With $500 You have to remember, I will build this PC with the input based on the forum. pretend you have $500 to build a rig, no more no less. (no need for mouse, printer ect...just the rig itself

1) processor
2) Graphics Card
3) Sound card
4) Motherboard
5) Hard Drive
6) Rom-Drive
7) case
8) Power supply
9) any misc. hardware that can be bought if any money is left over.

I hope this gives a better list to go by.

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