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Building a New System


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Hi guys, I am sure there a few of the threads around, but I just have one quick question.

I am building a new computer and I am curious if I have to buy a new PSU or if the one I have is good enough.

New System Specs:

AMD Athlon 64 4000+
ASUS 6800 GT (PCI-E)
2nd one later on.
ASUS A8N-SLi Deluxe
2 GB Corsair XMS 3200
Sound Blaster Audigy 2
2x Western Digital 74 GB 10k Raptors
16x DVD 40x CD Reader
16x Dual Layer DVD Burner
about 5 case fans

My current Powersupply is the Enermax 470 watt Noisetaker. Should I invest into a 500 - 600 watt PSU? or should the one I have now do just fine?
Need the part number for the power supply. Not obvious which enermax it is. P series, or AX series? They dpon't show a 470W noisetaker on their web site.

Or just post the current ratings for the various outputs. 5V, 12V, 3.3V and any combinaiton restrictions.


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I was looking at the Enermax 600watt SLi PSU and its 12v total is only 35 amps. That doesnt seem like that much of a difference.
That power supply looks like it'll be fine with the 1 SLI card. The 2 SLI card upgrade may be a problem. It's a hard call. I haven't seen a lot of reviews yet for a dual SLI with an XP4000 CPU.

Looking at the 12V rating your power supply looks more like the 425W model. I suspect your power supply came bundled with a low noise case? Antec does the same thing and puts a wimpier supply in than their stand alone models.

But Antec doesn't have anything better and the top of the line Enermax isn't much more robust than what you have now.

I'll do some more looking around.


Based on testing at NVIDIA’s SLI Validation lab, the following power supply suggestions should be followed.

NVIDIA SLI System Type Minimum Recommended PCI Express Power Supply
High-End: GeForce 6800 Ultra 500-550W, +12V @ 30A
Mid-Range: GeForce 6800 GT or 6800 420-480W, +12V @ 25A
Entry-Level: GeForce 6600 GT 350-420W, +12V @ 20A

Unfortunately I could not get into their link for the recommended list...



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if you are going amd 64 look at this link about the newest core revision to the processors

a lot of enhancements over the winchester and newcastle cores. But I don't know if they are available yet.

also for memory here are two reviews about the new OCZ VX Memory

also the motherboard is amazing that they test the new processor posted above and memory earlier...it's a dfi nforce4 board but not sure about sli on it


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Thanks for the help guys

The powersupply did not come with a case, I bought it retail through newegg about 9 months ago.

it seems to me that your not strapped for cash (that is one sick computer) so why are you even debating this?
I am trying to save as much money as I can, I dont have unlimited funds.. I am just investing into a nice computer so as I dont need to upgrade right away.

After reading about the San Diego and Venice cores I think I might delay building this a few weeks. Seems like promising technology and I hope it comes to market quickly.

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