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Building a new PC, need opinions...



I am going to be building a new PC in about 6 weeks and I need some opinions on what to put in it. It will be used primarily for programming and basic computing. It's going to have XP Pro on it. The biggest question is whether to go with AMD or Intel. I've always gone with Intel. Is either a better choice than the other at this point? I also need suggestions on a motherboard and RAM combination. Thanks!



Originally posted by xsivforce
IMO...AMD processor, Asus Motherboard, DDR ram.
There will be differing opinions but that's mine.
ya perfect combo just add a vision tek geforce 3 or 4 lololoolol;)


get a abit socket a mobo with dual mp/xp support buy two xp 1500+ with 512mb of ddr 2700mb ram, and get a ati card..... theyre better for amd then nvidia! lol umm and go for a 60gig hd and if your that rich :p go for liquid cooling and overclock like a mofo :p


hehehe lol well if your gonna go all out for it??? just go for a geforce 2 or 3 thers no point in getting a geforce 4 its just new hardware you still will get a good fps with a geforce 2


Athlon All The Way...

I would have to agree with every thus far about going with the Athlon Xp's, they'll kick Intel's @s$ anyday.

Dont know who's the top when it comes to mobos, but I've got Abit, and it seems to be alrgiht.

And then you could get DDR RAM, the best type of RAM available.

If you have alot money to spend, then go with a GeForce 4.

You might as well have a big Hard Disk, about over 40 Gigs.

You would be able to build a cheap high quality PC, not including the software of course, by buying the parts from a computer fair, I brought mine for under £900 in August 2001, and a similar one would cost about £1500, if it was brought form a dealer, like Dell or IBM.

This included all my hardware, peripals and my speakers, and also my moniter, ect. Most of my hardware were in the top ten then, but my other things are abit more older, but still made in the year 2000+.


AMD??.....if u hav money go wit Intel

if u have enough money, go wit the new P4's (2.2 and up), the new versions will blow all the athlons, except for the new ones comin anytime soon..........................the new p4's kicks AMD's ass in most stuff, like ripping divx and stuff, AMD only wins wit rippin Mp3's.

go wit the new P4's if u have enough money.

or check out http://www.tomshardware.com to find out all the benchmarks and stuff...............


All my trials i trust my asus and amd combo with DDR ram... Asus makes some rock solid boards i have never had a problem with them.


Athlon Still Rule!!!

Yeh you think, six of us dont know what were talking about, do we, Allen03.

Then you just wait till the new Athlon Xp comes out, its a well known fact that Intel ups the deck a lttle, and maybe become a little better for a while, olny until the opposing Athlon comes out, which then kicks Intels @s$ and holds its number one position for the next 1 or 2 months till the new Intel comes out.

Then, and then only, maybe, thats the important word there, maybe, Intel will be ahead, and if they are, only for a while.

You should check the polls out at this Site, 62.3% cant be wrong there, and 86% of us cant be wrong here.

All this even after Intel countinues to try and bash AMD through the media. Just read the top story in the link above, and it isn't the first time, they've tried.


OSNN Addict
If you have money to THROW AWAY..

...Then, sure, by all means buy an overpriced intel.

but you would be better off using all the money you save by purchasing a nice AMD on such things as ...lets see...

1 more DDR ram (NOT that pos RDDram :rolleyes: )
2. Nice Cool QUIET Thermalright AX7 HSF with 38 CFM 29 db 80 mm fan

3. upgrade vid card.


i dun really give a rats ass.....

the guy who started this thread was askin for a powerful processor for his PC (for the time being), and then i told him, that the new P4's were the most powerful right now, not next month or the next month after that.......so im i dun really care about AMD and Intel's rivalry..........im not some computer fag who argues this shit..............this whole shit is just a big publicity stunt for both companys.....so who carez..................

so if u hav the money to buy a P4 then go ahead, i dun care, or buy a slightly less powerful AMD, i dun care..............no one carez


Prodigal Son
Re: i dun really give a rats ass.....

Originally posted by allan03
the new P4's were the most powerful right now, not next month or the next month after that..........im not some computer fag who argues this s***


who carez....

yo, find that site again (is it about the old P4's or the new ones?), so i could be as smart as u, well u'v implied that im stupid and dont know anything.........so who carez im not gonna argue cuz i got nothin to prove, so if u find that site, post it.

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