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build me a system



I am building a system for a friend for 700 pounds so i just wanted to know what you all thought i should use and what you think would work well for that amount (incl. monitor and keyboard, ect.)


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As all know we like to recommend expecially our components ( that we've tested .. ) but I'll try to make a different choise . In your actual budget you must take care to choose the components that '' fits - you '' if you understand what I mean .. not so cheap bu not so expensive , in this case [ .... ]

Recommended system in this period ( my choise )
1. An Athlon based system ( especially Athlon XP 1800+ )
2. Mobo : MSI or Epox ( Asus too expensive )
3. Monitor : matters so much but I'll give you all information only if you really want cause I don't want to make this a "very" personal opinion
4. That's all you've asked !

For more information ( detailed ) contact me by PM ...
If Bluekelt is right, and 700 pounds is around 1100, well,
my system cost 1109 total. :

AMD XP 1900
1024MB PC2700 DDR RAM
nVidia Geforce 4 4400
Sound blaster 5.1 live
IBM 120GXP 120GB
420 Watt PSU
CDRW- 32x/12/40
DVD 16x

I believe now this would be cheaper; so maybe you could get a faster CPU...
GA7VRXP KT333 5PCI AGP4X DDR333 Audio USB2.0 UDMA133 LAN ATX - Retail; some dealer in New York online sells it for 100; but looks like the average online price around from 100-110.


man thats pretty lame so for about 1100 us dollars it would still cost you about 1100 pounds?



how about a P4 2.4 ghz @ £149 + vat
Asus P4S533 @ £65.33 + vat

I saw reconditioned monitors at the local computer fair for - check these prices out! - 21" £99!!!

This fair was in croydon, a bit far from you, but maybe worth a look.

The chip and mobo from ebuyer.com

Just so its not ALL amd!! (hehehe)

Good luck with whatever you decide

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