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Confirmed Bug on front page "recent forum posts"


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So, I soft deleted a thread ("The Best Plastic Templates For Interior Design Projects Offers.") and when in the actual forum (forum.osnn.net) it doesn't show up in the recent forum posts section at the top (see screen1)

But, on the front page, the link to the deleted post still shows up on the front page as a new forum post (see screen2). If I am logged in, I can still pull up the post.. but when I am logged out, I get an error that the thread is invalid.. which would be correct since a guest wouldn't be able to see the deleted post while an admin/mod could.

But, why does the post even show up on the front page when the forum doesn't show it. Not sure if there is an update/delay cycle when the front page "new posts" section gets updated or not..

edit: it would help if I put in my screens


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Being an admin you can still see it if the thread is soft deleted. I don't think it should show up in recent posts though, although I'm not sure.

In the future, if you are sure it's spam, hard delete that and move on - less headache that way :)

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