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Electronic Punk

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Yeah we get Angel Season 3 next week too, Enterprise started on monday.

BBC Two shows season 5 widescreen and uncut, I know this drives a mate in California nuts :D

Apparently the UK Season 6 has been cut too.

Already seen the trailer for the musical and the scene were Spike and Buffy literally get it on, I am pretty sure the UK version of that will be cut.
The musical special is damn good! Season 6 Episode 7 if i remember correctly...
I won't give to much away but...
Dawn (Michelle Trachtenberg) you been playing with things you shouldn't have agin... naughty naughty :D

yes it was... she was the one who called th daemon
The oringinal msg... then i thought about it a bit more....

Doh - your right it wasn't :D... they made it out to be dawn all the way through... she was the one carrying the necklace or what ever it was... then at the end Xander (Alexander LaVelle Harris) confesses :)... its all comming back to me... :D


EDIT: P.S. You damn Buffy fans are phreaking me out! :D


im looking for a good Buffy wallpaper , do you guys know were i can find one ?

shes so damn hot you could fry an egg on her :p

Electronic Punk

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Haha, I have an awful connection, but do have access to all the DVD-Rips as well as digital widescreen versions.

But like I said, I have an awful connection..


Was LadySunshine
well like I said, i have eps 1 - 11 of this season (6), I love the show...

So if ya need anything I'll send it to ya.. it just might take 4 days! :p


Was LadySunshine
Ok, Ep3S6, Dawn found Buffy where she had died previously and convinced her that it wasn't hell and managed to get her off of that tower that the crazy people built just as it was falling.

Dawn brought Buffy back to the house and Buffy is very nervous, jumping at every noise and in shock trying to rationalize everything that has changed in the house.

Spike walks in and yells at Dawn for leaving him and then finds out that Buffy is alive. He is at first very stunned but by the middle of the episode he yells at the Scoobies saying that magic that deep always has consequenses. The rest of the gang eventually pile into the house and bombard Buffy with questions and Dawn protects her and tells them all to back off. Buffy leaves and goes up into bed.

The Scoobie gang, while bringing her back created another ghost that they cannot seem to kill. It one by one takes over each of the friend's bodies to learn information on how it can stay here... and it finds out all it needs to do is kill Buffy. So it goes the next night to the house to do so. Willow and Tara conjure a spell to make the ghost take on a physical form and Buffy kills it first.

She then goes to the Magic Box to thank her friends for getting her out of "hell"... and then goes outside and tells Spike that they pulled her out of "heaven" and that she is miserable. She confides in him that she was happy and at peace... she knew that her friends and Dawn were all OK. Time meant nothing... nothing had form, but she was still her. She was warm, and loved and finished, complete. Now she's not. She was torn out of there, pulled out by her friends. Everything here is hard, bright and violent, everything she feels, touches, this is hell. Just trying to get through days knowing what she has lost.

Then she tells him that they can never know... Never.

(The last paragraph I was listening to the ending of the show when I typed it to make sure it was right. hehe)



Was LadySunshine
Ok, so you want ep 4 of season 6?? lol! ya know I could probably shrink the file down REALLY small so you could get it... wont be anywhere NEAR good quality but you'll be able to see it... if you want...


Was LadySunshine
ok, OOPS I spelled your name wrong... Electronic Punk. :)

And now you want me to type out S6E4!! damn! are you on a dial up modem?? easier to send it to ya! hahah

Ok ok... I'll do it when I get home later from class. :)

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