Buffalo Router 2-part question


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1 Jun 2005
Ok so I'm using a Buffalo router. One thing I notice is that my sis in her room is using a Linksys wireless in her desktop (I already think it was a bad idea to begin with as its just... a wireless in a desktop... but anyways), her wireless after like... a week and a half decides it doesn't want to connect anymore to my router. It would see it and says that it can't be associated with the router. If I reset my router, it will work. My laptop doesn't have this issue at all. Any thoughts?

Also... is there a way to make the Buffalo wireless router run AOSS AND Wi-Fi at the same time with it? I'm trying to find it as my Nintendo DS will run with the Wi-Fi, but with the settings I have on it, It doesn't know anything beyond the WEP64/128 keys and I do not want to lower my security for my wireless just to make it work. So is it possible?

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