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BT Openworld Dying....




Ive got BT Openworld ADSL and every so often the ADSL modem turns off, ive done all the tweeks to turn off the power management etc, is there anything else i can try to stop it powering down and me having to reinsert the USB Cable?

Also it seems to have periods where it just stops, you cant surf or ping anywhere for about 10-15 seconds then it comes back, is that the QOS thing playing up?


It shouldn't involve anything with QOS that the DSL is stopping or such. Personally I'd see if you could trade in your DSL modem for a non USB, USB + DSL usually aren't the friendliest of companions.

Try going to www.dslreports.com their forums will be of great help and a good source of info for you.

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If you've got the alcatel frog I believe theres a fix for this problem. I can't remember if it's a case of updating the motherboard drivers or the frog drivers, but if you look on the alcatel website you should find something
I have a similar problem with my WebCam it just turns off after a few hours and then I have to shutdown my PC, as the SYSTEM process starts using 99% CPU.
I think this might be a similar problem to the DSL Modem as both are USB, anybody got any good ideas.
Motherboard is Abit KT7-RAID
WebCam is Creative WebCam

Have tried the VIA USB FIlters v1.10, but no success so removed them.

I have also done all the things like telling XP not to turn off the USB ports to save power, is there anything in the BIOS about USB power?
The one in the BIOS, no idea I was reaching,
The on in XP, goto Device Manager, Then Universal Serial Bus Controllers, Then double on the entry USB Root Hub, go to the Power Management Tab, there will be a tick Box
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