BT - ADSL and HomeHub (advice needed)


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Well hey some of you may know this, but I recently moved and my 24Mb ISP could nto offer service at new address :( ....

Anyway - at the new place there is already a BT ADSL service (or what pretends to be one!) for an 8Mb ADSL via a router badged as a BT Homehub that has net phone built in....

The thing is, I am getting manifold line drops - line drops from as bad as four an hour - which is a nightmare for my work via TN3270 over VPN :mad: so I wonder if I should just cut my losses and have cable put in?

Also is it possible running an extension cord from the main socket to the router has given rise to troubles? (the microfilter is at the socket - so only digital signal should be going along the extra 15m of phone wire)

Any help and advice appreciated, repped, etc etc - especially from Ep whom I believe also suffered a period of BT hell before his exchange offered him alternatives..... ;)


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The extension shouldn't make a difference, unless the extension itself is bad quality or has any breaks along it. The microfilter itself can also make a big difference.

Does the modem/router you are using give you any details about the connection speed, line attenuation and noise margin? The latter two play a huge part in what speeds and stability you will receive.

If you're in a cable enabled area though, personally, I'd sod off DSL and BT and just get a nice 10mb cable line instead :)


I may actually be insane.
NTL may not be the best, but they're all we have :p

Had no problem running my DSL off an extension for years. There was no noticeable latency and top speed was always achievable.


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right - about to try this - change (since it gives BT zero room for saying "it's OK our end so your equipment is faulty")!

Of course - it does mean running a 10m CAT5 down a hallway to the relevant room (and as ever sods law means the routing was a pain in the fundament!).... which means I have one further question - since my particular setup (complicated, so don't ask) requires BOTH ports on the homehub to run to equipment at the other end and I only have ONE 10m CAT5 spare will it have any impact if I duplex that cable? I have the relevant connectors to do this, so that is not a problem, and have done this before with no impact that i could detect on the network, btu thoght I would ask here since people seem to be on the thread and a reply now will save me haveing to do this then (possibly) put it all back afterwards and order a new main socket location!

Hope that is clear - and if you are not sure what duplexing is then please google it as I do not have time to explain in forum ATM...

thanks to all - repping now... ;) :cool: :smoker:
what switch from coreix?

the 16port is mine :) all mine :)

Anyway you should have about 20+ ports across all the routers you have there.. just daisy chain them....


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It's worth a try - ask BT to clear your line and/or increase line gain as even the slightest bit of noise on the line could affect your connection. Not so sure if this actually applies to DSL as such as I've not come across any problems with my line.


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Well - made the changes of course, did that within the hour and it SEEMED to improve - then right now I just had three line drops in the last hour... :mad: ... to make matters worse the line soemtimes stays up but my VPN connection drops, this did not happen with a dedicated IP address so that is myt suspect here.

Now I just want to move on from BT.... there seems little hope for improvement.... i shall try to persue it with them.... but I know they take a lot of time to do a little and the only good thing is today I found the way to reset my date and time on the hub so that I can give them a copy of my event log proving downtimes with the right timestamps.

Any more advice gratefully received....


I may actually be insane.
It's worth a try - ask BT to clear your line and/or increase line gain as even the slightest bit of noise on the line could affect your connection. Not so sure if this actually applies to DSL as such as I've not come across any problems with my line.
Line gain, to my knowledge, only affects dial-up connections, and improves analog data throughput, increasing gain on a line may possible increase the noise margin, which isn't good for a DSL connection (or voice calls for that matter).

Have you attempted to check the connection between the incoming line and your master socket? We've just had trouble with that here, one wire was bork and it knocked all other extensions offline, whilst keeping the internet connection working intermittently, strange indeed, however a simple wire change fixed everything.

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