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well i've only just read my email from BT saying that the 512 connection that i'm on now has been reduced to £27.99 a month (£26.99 for direct debit) and the 1mb connection has be reduced from £40.99 a month to £30.99 (£29.99 for DD) so i might aswell go and get the 1mb (altho it's being limited to 30gb b/w a month from early 2005)...anyway i was wondering what the upload speed was if anyone has the 1mb connection already...hoping it's more than 256 that it is now. or are there any better deals out there (that people have experience with, not deals that just look good, i would like it if you actually have the connection if you recommend one)


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Still stays at 256 upload.

ZenADSL 1mbps has no bandwidth limits (it's on of their policies) BUT, they cost £34 a month, before VAT.


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LordOfLA said:
Guess I'm not most people :p

I can manage 1.2gig in 6 hours :p
Most people can, it's just a factor of if you do it EVERY single day. Over 1gb every day is quite excessive.
It probably easier to count the days we're not pushing maximum downloads through the line....

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30gig a month isnt too bad, I used to be capped at 1GB a month on the UMIST campus internet service, they did in the end remove the cap though when they linked properly into fibre-net

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