I was having issues with ati and my new a7v266-e asus mobo.I kept getting an infinite loop error.soooo, Yesterday I went and bought a nvidia geforce 3 ti 200. Ive installed the latest 4 and 1 from via and much to my dismay Ive just gotten another bsod with the new card.Im running with the 23.11 driver, somebody please help,I know this is xp related and Ive looked everywhere for a fix, beta or otherwise but non has worked.I know this is a known issue.HELPPPPP
I dont know where to post this but here goes,I am using the radeon ati sdr(pci 32mb).I have recently taken it off my compaq running xp pro and put it on my asus a7v266-e xp pro 256 ddr2100.At boot up occasionally and when I use the back tab on my browser a bsod appears with error 0x000000ea 0x81625020,0x8165d1a0,0x817101b0,0x00000001 it also explain it appears as though file ati2dvag is the culprit.I have installed and uninstalled three different drivers in safe mode and not.I have also manually searched for all parts of the drivers that didnt uninstall using ad remove programs. This was with the ati card. The nvidia bsod I didnt write the error code down.However my research thus far indicates that the issues are the same.Interestingly ati had only 32mb(ten months old)The geforce 3 I got yesterday has 64mb and of course rules thise ati product (7406 3dbenchmark2001)I have had only 1 bsod with new card and dozens in the same timeframe with ati.
I have ddr2100 sticks.(256) I tried that M$ fix yesterday, no luck,I know the issue is currently in XPs top 100 priority with m$ and they supposedly do have a team working on a real fix, The issue is just with xp and no other os that Ive heard. There are literaly thousands with the issue :rolleyes: I really want to make it at least one less.....Take a look at the posts here, the ones that do not know to shut off the auto reboot are all having the same prob but dont know it.
Nice find, doesnt seem like to much can be done that will remedy the issue with absolute finality. At least I was able to wiggle my way into a gforce3 because of it though. It does truly amaze me as to how little control we have over the things we make, the difficulty these companies are going to have in finding the one (or more) factors in resolving this with such a wide array of possibilities. side note though,I didnt have this problem when my ati was on a pci and the mobo had a graphic chip. Thanks for your help.
No doubt a lot of variables. They're some pretty good companies though... I just hope it doesn't come down to a lot of "No, that's YOUR problem" type stuff... If they'll work together they should nuke it out pretty quickly. Good luck... I hope you're able to get it going w/o the bsods.
I did have the same problem with bsod's when I installed the 4 in 1 via drivers with the nvidia 23.11 driver. I rolled back to the 22.80 (beta) driver off nvidia and my problem was gone.
I already had the latest 4+1,I installed the 27.10 driver, in the nvmax under the compatibility at the bottm where it says systems there is a box you can check that states windows 2000,xp +athlon fix. I just scored 7006 on the 3dmark 2001.I increased my core frequ. to 200mhz. and my memory to 475 mhz. As of yet (knock on wood)no bsod.

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