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BSOD with nv4_disp.dll


OSNN Addict
This is like, the 10th time in a week.. my comp has BSOD'ed.

Gives me a STOP error with nv4_disp.dll being the culprit... Says something about turning off shadowing, or chaching... :S

I've switched like, 3 pairs of drivers... im running this on XP PRO... with DirectX 9.0b

It usually happens when im running Generals....

Anyways one have any clue, upon why my comp might be BSOD'ing?

1.1ghz T-bird
196megs of ram
Geforce 4 Ti 4200 vid card...
look in the BIOS on your computer...

check "Plug n Play OS Installed" (or something similar) is set to "No"
check "Video caching" is disabled also. Also look for something about video shadowing... disable that aswell.

What motherboard do u have?


hardware monkey
you have the latest patch for generals? it seem to only happen with that game, so maybe that's what it is. unless that's the only game you play.


OSNN Addict
Ya, its at the newest... 1.6

It's happened with other games too, just I had restart on error enabled in XP.... so I never saw the errors..... betting its the same one.

The PnP OS Installed was already set to No

And the other option I dont have... :S


NTFS Stoner
your power supply should be at least 300 watts with that card, and i know generals really hammers the power on any PC

if your on a cheep 300 or a 250, try a new more powerfull model. your pc spec is very low with a good video card. the spec that comes with a 250W. what you running ?
hey kuja, im having the same problem as u right now. this just started happening to me within the last day or two. plus i remember seeing a IRQ_NOT_LESS...i've seen posts in here about it, but im not finding it :(

i get these errors when playing RTCW multi-demo and Morrowind, but not with Diablo II. its really irritating.


Old School XPeriencer
Argh...I too just started having problems with the same exact thing.

But....I just reinstalled windows xp home and I'm having problems just booting.

I thought it was something with the moniter or video card.

This is what I did.

Install Win
Install 44.03 dets

Just a friendly bump while I look for fix.


That still didn't help u need to show the other file,
This might help u though:


Command & Conquer Generals taxes computer hardware, particularly CPU and system memory, very heavily. This will cause the hardware to dissipate a lot of heat. If your system cooling is inadequate, it will cause the system to become unstable, and possibly crash. This issue will manifest itself in the form of a "Serious Error" message, and/or a blue screen crash.

Here are some diagnostics that you should run in order to find out if your system is stable:




When using Prime95, run the Torture Test until your PC passes the self-diagnostic.



Use Memtest86 to test your system memory's stability. Be sure to let it complete a full pass at least once.



Various diagnostics included in this program. This software will also tell you your motherboard and CPU's temperature. Sandra also has a BurnIt test to examine the stability of your system by running a series of tests continuously. However, Prime95's Torture Test is a more reliable way to test your system's stability.


We found that users with VIA motherboard chipsets for AMD and Intel CPUs will encounter crash problems with Command & Conquer Generals. If you own such a motherboard, please go to http://www.viaarena.com and download the latest 4-in-1 drivers. If you continue to experience problems with the game after installing the 4-in-1 drivers, download VIA's version 4.38 of the 4-in-1 drivers. Not having the correct VIA drivers could manifest itself in the form of a "Serious Error" message, and/or a blue screen crash.


Command & Conquer Generals will work properly with ATI Radeon 7500 or newer chipsets, and Nvidia GeForce 2 or newer chipsets. The game will not run properly if your computer has an ATI or Nvidia video card with an older chipset than the ones listed on the box, or a chipset from a completely different manufacturer. These include the following chipsets:

3dfx chipsets

Nvidia TNT2

ATI Radeon Mobility

ATI Radeon 7200

S3 ProSavage

Kyro and Kyro II chipsets

Intel 810e integrated chipsets

If you attempt to run C&C Generals with any of the chipsets listed above, you might encounter a blue screen crash, or a "Serious Error" message. Always make sure that you have installed your manufacturer's latest drivers before running the game.


Some users have patched C&C Generals using incorrect and incorrect 1.2 Patch. If you have done so you will need to reinstall C&C Generals to allow the game to work properly. If you downloaded 1.2 from any server other than ftp.ea.com or the normal Generals Online autoupdate then you likely have the wrong patch.


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