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BSOD ... why?? I am stuck..



I have received my first BSOD today in a long time, but it seems to be a problem that has a history on my computer.

According to the logbook (excuse my plain translation) it says:

"Can not find a description for the incident-ID 0 in the source. The local computer probably do not have the needed registerinformation or message-DLL-files that is needed to show messages from a remote computer. Maybe you can use the flag /AUXSOURCE= if you want to see this description. More information about this is avaible at the Help- and support center.
Futher information: 1."

"The computer restarted after the error search. The error search was: 0x1000008e (0xc0000005, 0xe23b1aeb, 0xa9951adc, 0x00000000). It was dumped and saved in C:\Windows\Minidump"

This "error" has been repeated a number times, but this was the first BSOD.

I do not have another computer hooked up with it, only communication is with ADSL by a router/firewall.

This is an alien language for me :confused: So, I hope that anyone out there knows what it is, so I can (hopefully) do something about it.

Thanks !!

AUXSOURCE -- sound card? It might be a memory problem though, those errors messages are similiar to some memory bsod messages i used to get.

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