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6 Jul 2007
For the last week my computer has been doing something strange. Usually when it boots up, the splash screen of my mobo shows briefly with the option to pres DEL to go into bios, then it posts and boots. For the last week, it's been sitting at that splash screen for more than 70 seconds before it finally decides to post and boot. Today I started a game and I instantly got a BSOD. I restarted and when it finally decided to post all it showed was a blinking cursor. when looking at my boot devices I discovered that for some reason my hard drive didn't exist anymore, even though it is still plugged in and running. I tried to restart to boot to disk, but now it won't even post, so I can't even boot to disk. it just sits at that splash screen indefinitely, and if I try to go into the bios it hangs on the screen where it is supposed to be loading the information necessary to go into bios, so I can't do that either.

How come my computer is all of a sudden f*****?

Windows XP SP3

AMD Radeon HD 6850 - 1024MB

ASUSTeK Computer INC. P5K SE Rev 1.xx
Bus Clock: 200 megahertz
BIOS: American Megatrends Inc. 0401 07/19/2007
Realtek Onboard Audio

3328 Megabytes DDR2 RAM

2.00 gigahertz Intel Pentium Dual
64 kilobyte primary memory cache
1024 kilobyte secondary memory cache
Have you checked the cmos battery?

Even when running under AC power if battery is weak the bios setting can get out of whack.
ive had this computer for like 5 years with no problems with the battery but maybe thats the issue? am i supposed to replace it?
in any case an update; I asked someone else what they thought of it and they said

"Disconnect the HDD and try to boot. Based on your description and the current symptom, I'd say the drive has been failing for weeks, and has finally dead."

and so I said
well, i checked and, yes and no actually. A hard drive had failed last month and I had to reinstall Windows onto this one, but I apparently never unplugged the other one since it was just not working. I unplugged it now, and it had actually been impairing the boot process somehow, because now the splash screen lag is gone, and it posts. It even booted up into Windows once but after about 15 minutes it restarted suddenly and now posts but is back at the everlasting blinking cursor.
Now that it posts, I tried a chkdsk from the Windows disk and it got to 56% and then didn't do anything for 40 minutes longer, so I terminated it. Interestingly, I then booted into a BitDefender Rescue Disk and could access the disk fully, so apparently it's working fine, it's just not booting, except for that one time."

I dont know if that changes considerations?
I'd say that after 5 years that the mobo battery should be replaced. My PC was almost 5 years old and started acting flaky - several times, after a clean shut down, when booting it couldn't find the HDD but the clock still had the current time. When I went into the BIOS I could set the HDD controller back to RAID and all was well until the next power off / boot. I changed the battery and haven't had a problem since. Harley
5 years is past time to change the CMOS battery. They are non-rechargeable Lithium batteries and will die in 2-5 years depending on if you have the PC connected to wall power all the time or not. I keep mine physically switched off (power strip not PC front panel so the CMOS dies quicker).

WANRING - this was a probelm 5-10 years ago and may have been fixed since, but why risk it: Unplug the PC from the wall before replacing the CMOS battery. There was a time way back when changing CMOS battery with the PC plugged in could wipe the Bios Chip.
I think my last pack was 2 for about $5. At CVS of all places also Walgrens, Walmart, Target. Part Number is CR 2032 on al the MB's I've seen. Note, I've also seen them @ 1 for $5. 3V Lithim button battery
Typically they are dirt cheap obviously, and are good to have around as they are also very common in car remotes also.
well as it is i ended up getting a complete system upgrade of gpu psu cpu mobo ram hd and mouse lol

so its working fine now since its not even the same thing anymore.

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