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[bsod] Irql_not_less_or_equal

Ok, i got the following STOP error twice now just in the past 10-30 minutes. It has happened both time under similar circumstances. From what i gather it is related with a driver upgrade... however i havent updated any drivers recently. Here are the specs.

Windows XP Pro, SP2.
1024MB PC2700 Crucial RAM
160GB Hitachi Deskstar

At both times of the BSOD, I was ripping a CD in iTunes @ 192k (MP3) as well as seeding 4 torrents not incredibly large in size and actually not very active (using ABC 2.6.9), also chatting on AiM and MSN with Trillian 3.1.

System was fine until i actually started to rip the disc so im not sure if its related but really having a random reboot happen in the middle of things is rather annoying :p

edit: Also this was about the eleventh disc i had started ripping, the other 10 ripped fine. Maybe iTunes just doesnt like Aerosmith :s
Electronic Punk said:
Which soundcard do you have?
On board nVidia, AC'97 i imagine. however it was put to me that this could be graphics related. Im running GeForce4 MX on board w/ dual head. So i opened up the msconfig and stopped the nVidia startup exe. So far nothing, but really i will need to check again.

If you have other ideas tho, please share them.

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