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Hi everyone....first time i've used these forums.......

Could anyone help me.....i have a problem....everytime i use the microsofts help system my system will after a large amount of HDD activity shutdown and restart with a BSoD. This is obviously a problem as i can't contact Windows for help. I have the same problem with media player 8.1 when i use internet radio sites. I have tried a clean install but with only a small amount of sucsess.

I have turned of the option for the system to restart on a stop error but it keeps on doing it anyway.

My system stats are as follows

AMD 1.33 DDR / 256 DDR / 40gb Fujitsu HDD / 64mb Gainward Geforce 2mx graphics card / Alcatel ADSL Speedtouch modem / logitech cordless keyboard and mouse / elite (ECS) K7AMA MB / Yamaha CD-RW / samsung dvd-rom / soundblaster live soundcard.

I have updated all drivers for my hardware and motherboard bois but still the problem persists.

Any ideas?

Many thanks Javakhanzz

thanks for your help but the APK proggy dosen't seem to have helped? The stop error i get is:

stop:0x000000c2 ; 0x000000007 ; 0x00000cd ; 0x000000cd4 ; 0x11111111 ; 0xfa3b7458

BTW i also get the quote "Windows has recovered from a serious error do you want to send a report"

Its too weird!!
I'd suggest start pulling all the extra hardware. Uninstall and remove the soundcard. If you have a PS/2 mouse and keyboard handy, plug those in. Give that a try and see if it eliminates either of those as suspects. If not, try uninstalling your Graphics accelorator software and let XP either install it's defaults, or run it in "safe mode" settings. I'm betting it's a hardware/driver conflict somewhere and you just need to narrow the playing field down to identify which it is.

Try booting into safe mode first, and see if help and support will come up, if it does then it's definantly a driver issue... just have to find out which device is causing the problem.
Do you have mismatched RAM sticks on your board? If you do try pulling one or the other and see what you see.
No just one stick of CL2.5 ddr

Could it be hardware related?:)
My bet is yes, that it's a hardware issue. Were you able to launch help and support in safe mode?

No i could not launch help and support in safe mode......but i think i haven't made myself all that clear! I can start help and support but the problem occurs when i click on the link to get help from a microsoft support professional. It's fine all the way through the proccess > does the problem occur on this computer > pick which product > XP Home > sign in to my passport > and then when i get to the bit that ask's you to fill in the details of the fault that is when the HDD jumps into life and then about 6-10 seconds later BOOM restart.......

Just to add to my problems ....Yet another stop error has occured i have a fuji finepix 4800 and when i was trying to get my pictures from the camera using the USB cradle the computer restarted and would not properly run again.... i turned off the PC and when it finished loading into windows the strangest thing happened it asked me to reactivate windows????????

Its just getting worse????


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