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BSOD before format - action?


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
Some of you might know from this thread that I have been tinkering with some of my legacy machines - now these are no old pieces of total s**t they are both within the past three years, so I figure deserve to have some more active life.

After shed loads of effort I have extracted enough GB to feel ready to reformat one fo them - and was quite looking forward to it....

in goes CD whir whir whir
get to the bit with the accept license ....


This has happened twice now - given that this is a LARGE part of my reason fro the activity, what would you do in my shoes? Is there any point persisting to format and re-install, in the face of a BSOD at that point? I once had this before on a new machine, trying to cure instability, turned out to be bad ram - in this case that ram has been stable in past so I am more inclined to suspect heat issues or somesuch.

I may persist anyway, but would like opinions as to what I am in for.... Needs be I may undertake a salvage operation on the machine - not really sure how much effort it is worth, could build better at quite low costs now when you're down to the Athlon/Duron 1900/1000 levels with onboard audio/video like these are.

Anyway, I'll think again before messing around in quite the way I have - there's a lot to be said for a virgn build!

[EDIT] BSOD seems to mention USB port driver and this thing has USB keyboard/mouse, could that be a factor? going to try going straight for F8 next time I get to that screen! [/EDIT]


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
Bleauch! - went straight for F8 and this time BSOD while I was surveying my partitions - looks like the machine is going tits up.... Anyone care to give an opinion on that and what they would do with this iDesign 190 in this situation (hope link works).... thinking I xould rip out into very cheap but vented case if issue is largely temp related? Really not sure....


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
OK - despite lack of feedback and my misgivings - I let machine cool down and have rebooted and now formattting 40 GB drive and at 6% and rising - it is late - going to walk dog and hoping no more BSOD on my return, or could be a well dead Athlon 1900! :eek:


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
yeah - too late now though! Not aware of any USB patch either....

May be Swapping RAM sticks like a mad thing tomorrow! (MY MAIN SUSPECT)

partitioning began and when I returned from dog walk >>> BSOD


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
Bug**r me!! It's installed and up and running - I'll post back if it does cure my BSODs or if I end up in mad RAm stick swap mode anyway eventually!

Personally I think it was ZeroHour wishing me good luck.... now I just have to configure and get that 7GB going back over my wi-fi network overnight....

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