BSOD and BIOS caching - linked?


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As some of you may have become aware from various other threads - I have a couple of old PackardBell iDesign low profile machines (a Duron 1GHz and an Athlon 1900)... now when I say old that is really only 2-3 years, so I'd expect a little more active life out of them.

Both had cruddy hidden partition OEM installations, and one was experiencing fairly high BSOD incidences. I have upgraded both BIOSes to latest available and done complete format and install of proper OEM XP Pro to both machines. I have replaced drivers as required and installed software as required for useful operation and networking of the machines.

Although BSOD incidence is reduced it is still ocurring. Then this morning I went into BIOS and noticed that BIOS Caching was enabled - so I have tried disabling on both machines (since it is one of the things BSOD suggests turning off).

Obviously I shall be monitoring situation - but thought I would post here for opinions as to whether this is going to be the final component to eliminate those BSODs - or if not a "hit list" og things to try? (or maybe the simple opinion that machines have reched end of useful life?).

Oh yeah - one other thing I will throw on end of this thread.... weirdly with the Duron I keep getting micellaneous "Registry file was corrupt, has been replaced with install or backup copy of the file" messages. I was getting these with FAT OEM XP Home, but thought complete reformat/install would resolve - are they a sign the HD is throwing errors? Or what? Again, any hints appreciated.

thanks - and if BSODs are disappeared I will be one happy guy (and post back here to advise after a suitable "safe" time, like two weeks uptime, maybe!)


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If they recurr I will do that - typically there are quite a few IRQ_LE_EQUAL type ones (device drivers) although recently I had some more exotic variations on the Duron.... As I say I will see how we go with my BIOS change, not going to look back and debug yet - will entirely depend on whether it recurrs....


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Errrr think I know the thingummy you refer to - but surely it would be an irrelevance to these AMD processors! Best of my knowledge it should be no-where near those machines, infact every box I run is AMD apart from my Centrino lap-top!
DOH!!! Stupid me LOL
Hmmm that was the only thing I could think of that I had a similar error. I just reinstalled that crud and it seemed better.


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OK has recurred twice on the Duron - both times the file mentioned on BSOD was WIN32k.SYS.... I have little doubt that helps.... Plus the Athlon seems to have done it once when I was absent - restart mentioned graphics driver....

I am wondering if in both cases heat could be an issue (they are low profile machines and maybe fan motors wear out? I have cleared out dust balls and all... the fact that seemed to help somewhat reinforces my thoughts.... then again thermal shutdown should not be the same as BSOD and I do not want to waste my time on these pieces of crap (as I am coming to think of them!)

Once again - opinions welcome....
disableing caching in the bios only tells you if the onchip L1/L2 cache is broke. If it is then the BSODS will stop. If it isnt then they wont.

As you have stated that BSODS are still occuring - I'd say to look at system ram and IDE controller as potentially having intermittent faults. RAM can be replaced (if you can find pc133 these days), IDE would need new mainboard.

Heat could well be an issue with the low profile of the cases, you may want to see if you want to invest in replacement cpu cooling, or try running them with the lids off for a day or two - certainly helped my barton 2600 duirng the summer while gaming for 18 hours a day :p

Other than that you may as well just save up for 2 cheap sempron systems if you are more of an AMD type or 2 cheap prescott celeron systems of you are an intel type.



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more or less as I thought Lord....

HMMmmmmm the Athlon has Crucial RAM already - only about a year old..... dunno ....

not about to change cruddy MSI board in there tho! It is complicated by where those rigs are - if I could fit SMFF in I would love to do so (am thinking of ways as I type!) but it is a little hard to do - best result would be to sure BSODs so I am slightly inclined to clean out machines and investigate new CPU cooler/fan arrangements as final resort....

These are not machines I need, the only thing they do for me is a little folding (when stable) but they are kinda needed (for my step-daughters' homework!)...

Plus there is a secondary angle - if they fail I have more arguement to give over my AMD XP3000+ system to replace theirs - then I simply HAVE TO build the AMD 64 rig I need/lust after?

Anyway - any further BSOD cures would sure as anything save shed loads of cash!


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PS will try lids off - but we have kitten in the house! Any chance of any harm to kitten (playing with fan etc!) or have forum readers only ever - as I am guessing - found machines to be the innocent victims of kittens?
the kitten only needs to jam is face in a fan once to know to stay away..... :D

Mobo's are generally safe against most things except humans irritated with getting their p3 heatsink off and start putting their whole weight on the screwdriver which just happens to slide out and cleanly slice all the pathways between cpu and ram :p


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LordOfLA said:
the kitten only needs to jam is face in a fan once to know to stay away..... :D
I know this forum - I'll try to get pics! hehe j/k

Your scalpel/graphite pencil remark on another thread could surely threaten a mobo more than any kitten.... then again they'd have to slip off the die I guess? :eek:
I dunno plenty of people seem to be running hacked at bartons very nicely.

I'm not gonna attempt it until I have the cash to buy a new chip if I cut too deep.

And I dont know too many people chopping at cpu's inside the socket...

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