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I have a W2K ADS domain and another W2K Server with Exchange 2000 in my lab.
Three / Four workstations, two XP Pro, one W2K Pro and a W98se.

I can browse the W2K domain from both the 98 and W2K workstation. When I want to browse from the XP workstations I get very often the message that I am not having the proper authorisation to browse the network.... ???
I can still map the shares and such through the login script and from the command prompt. I can see the shares through net view and I can detach and attach from the domain.

Server to server browsing works just dandy too.

I was thinking of WINS, but I need that for the one W98 system, although I am strongly thinking of disabling WINS.

I have checked DNS, reverse DNS etc. etc. it works properly.

One other thing I noticed is that I am able to browse from all machines when the system is rebooted. I also looked suspicious at the netlogon service, but it all works fine as far as I can see.

anyone got a clue where to start?
Sounds like some AD permissions are not set correctly. Check the permissions of the XP box's user in Active Directory Users and Computers on the DC.

Also verify that you are logging into the Domain and not the local machine. Use Classic logon and make sure that "DOMAIN-NAME" is selected from the "Log On To" menu, not "COMPUTER-NAME (this comptuer)"

Check and double checked

Went through my domain policy settings and such but all settings are okay. Oh.... just to set things straight... I know how to use computers.... nothing to brag about but after 23 years I am really not expecting suggestions as "make sure you log into the domain and such." (don't feel offended as you didn't know that) ;:D
This issue has been bothering me for quite some time, even through the beta's. I could not get an answer from Microsoft and it is hard to reproduce. I have replaced the Nics in the servers and in one of the XP workstations. I am now working with Intel Pro 100 network cards. I have been thinking of power saving stuff and went through all the settings to make sure these settings are set properly. It only happens with XP and only XP.
The workstations have different mother boards and a different revision of the NIC. The switch in the network is a 2424M with the latest firmware. Replaced the cables as well on the XP workstations and servers with certified cat5 cables and not my home made. Hardware is okay (both servers have 768Mb of ram and are PIII 700 and 866 Mhz).
The C-class network runs as P-node for WINS.

It almost looks as there is some kind of time out that is messing this up.

More suggestions? ;)

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