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Browser Style Sheets

I am workin on my site, but when I preview it in IE, none of the CSS styles have been recognised, is this because I have used Netscape descriptors, and how would I change this to IE so that recognises it. Once I have that working then I am going to have browser dependent style sheets.
thought I would expand on the information about the problem.
I am writing this in DWMX, and when viewed in that the CSS that I have specified is applied to the text (I am using the c1 and c2 as the main text formatters) properly and the page is correctly displayed.
When I either open the file (I have saved it as htm even though there is some php code in it, but I dont need the php code to be processed) in IE6 or use the Browser preview (which also opens IE6) then the text formatting is ignored. The font is correct, but the color and the size settings seem to be ignored. I have never had this problem before so I am really at a lost of what to do. I have tried changing all of the xx-small settings to 10px and also to 9pt, but still with no success.
I will post some screenshots as soon as one of the two webservers that I have access to comes online reliably (polarhome isnt reliable at the mo... hence the broken sig, and my own server aint up as it is surrounded by packing boxes)

Please help me someone
What is c1-c5? Are they used as tags (<c1></c1>)? Afaik they are not standard tags and therefore cannot be used. You can only redefine existing tags afaik. If you used them as classes (<DIV CLASS="c1"> or <DIV ID="c1">) there should be a . before the name (.c1 {...} and so on).

The rest looks good to me at a quick glance. :)
yeah the c1 to c5 are used like

<c1>hello there</c1><br>

and such and is displayed in DWMX properly.
If you do the clean into Style Sheets in HTML-Kit it makes those kinds of things.
I have tried it in other browsers (Opera 6) and it screws up as well so I think I might try redoing all of them as DIV Classes
DIV classes worked like a dream

with all of the fantastic help I am getting I think I am going to put a thanks to page on my site :)

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