[Browser Related] Tooltip New line Bug


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3 Feb 2002

Noticed that when someone has used "Enter" to insert a break in a post, there this weird character that shows up. Look at the attachment to see what I'm talking about.


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What browser?

(edit) I get the same in Firebird, but not in IE and Safari.
I noticed that ages ago, just didn't think any aything of it! d'oh!

Note to self, pay more attention :)
The bbCodes are showed as raw code too, so instead of:
bold text
you get
[.b]bold text[./b] (Don't mind the ".")

About that strange character for return characters (line break), I don't think it's possible to put a line break in a pop-up balloon. Maybe the next release of Vb can help resolve this issue, by picking out only the first line, for example. Maybe even an option to turn that annoying thing off (I hate hover/popup thingies! :mad: ).
They are useful I think, instead of waiting for a thread to loadup you can see what the first post is about. But I guess an option where a user can decide to to turn it off is a good idea.
I think it's a neat little feature, actually. Pity it had to be buggy.
It's a Firebird problem I think.


will render with a new line in most browsers, but as one line with a ****ed up character in the middle on firebird, I've seen it on other sites too.
(could you please recheck this error and see if it is still present)
Same in Firebird too. I honestly don't think that it's a problem that can be solved by the vB team. Check the second attachment. A test page that I just made. shows the same problem..

(edit) third pic attached to show it renders fine in other browsers.
Well, the vb team may be using code that can strip tags, so they may be able to replace the tag with a more acceptable one.
Yeah, Gecko is the rendering engine name. Used in Firebird, mozilla, Netscape, Epiphany, Camino.. etc, etc. :)
Did Firefox fix this?
I have it at home, well the install file, and have'nt checked yet.

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