[Browser Related] quick search unusable in FireFox


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27 Dec 2001
quick search unusable in FireFox

I'm assuming that this is an issue with the new build of FireFox (0.8), but I wanted to document it just in case...

When trying to do a quick search of the forums, I click on the down arrow next to "Search" which brings up the drop-down box. When I click inside the textbox area, the entire drop-down disappears. Can anyone else using the build verify this? It's not a serious problem, just a convenience issue mainly. :)
You must have a really strange build then, because I have no problems with my fresh copy of FireFox 0.8.
I just restarted the browser and now it's working fine. I still wonder if this will be recurring from time to time though. :confused:
Must of been a one-time fluke so far as I can tell. I haven't been able to reproduce the problem again. This thread can be closed if need be. :)
Firefox is not a recognised browser according to vbulletin3.
They have issued a fix however and I will implement it shortly.
I still have the issue occur from time to time... happened a few minutes ago.
I did add it, but vb3 final should be out soon if not already (just got back so haven't checked.
firefox isnt a recognised browser??? which ones are?
Internet Explorer.
The vB team are very narrow minded, I must say. Still, they make good forum software :D
It happens for me as well, only occasionly does it actualy work propely. Although i don't use the quick searc box often
Khayman said:
It happens for me as well, only occasionly does it actualy work propely. Although i don't use the quick searc box often

I don't use it that often either, so it's not that much of an annoyance. Still will be nice to have FireFox more recognized across the board.

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