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What is a browser's usage of ram suppose to be?

Firefox 2.0 for me on XP and Vista was always around 250,000KB to 1GB. It was insane and was why I couldn't wait for Firefox 3.0

I just installed Firefox 3.0 RC2 and it started around 70,000KB but now is up to 100,000KB, which if it stays at this rate it is much better then 2.0, but I find that still ALOT. I was expecting it to be stable at 50,000KB or less.

Am I wrong, should it be less or what? And please don't say use Opera because of blah blah, and don't compare RAM usage to other browsers. I want to know, despite reports of different browsers what the ram usage should be for a browser. What are you averages?
Depends on your plugins and the pages you have open. For me with an average of 10 tabs open and very few plugins (ImageZoom, Downthemall, Tab Mix Plus), I have about 150-300MB.

Thankfully, like most users, I literally have gigabytes of RAM at my disposal and I don't get too concerned about it (although I would if it hit a GB like yours did on 2.0! Yikes!)
I have had the RAM issues for long time now, and I have always had 3GB of RAM or more, but it still bothers me, even at 100,000KB, it is crap...
I have had the RAM issues for long time now, and I have always had 3GB of RAM or more, but it still bothers me, even at 100,000KB, it is crap...

Yeah, but web pages are getting bigger. All those images, sounds, and flash files are taking up piles of RAM. As bandwidth and web design improves, so does the amount of ram it's going to take up. Personally, I'd rather them leave as much as possible in the memory rather than having to reload them on to a hard drive over and over. They could write firefox to do that, but it would be the slowest browser in the universe.

I bought two GB of ram so that I can use it. Why even buy a ton of ram just so I can sit there and smile about how much isn't being used?
Just be happy in the knowledge that windows manages ram better than humans can. If anything needed that ram while you have firefox in the background or minimised the ram is handed over and firefox goes to the swap file. when you bring firefox to the foreground as your active program it all comes back to ram.

At least mozilla admited they have a memory usasge issue when compared to IE and Opera (can't speak for safari as I don't use it on windows).
My firefox 3 RC1 uses about 85MB at the moment. Not too shabby, imo.
FF uses 125mb ram with 5 tabs open.... IE7 uses 87mb with 5 tabs open.
firefox 3.0 rc2 + 5 tabs of google = 37mb
IE7 + 5 tabs google= 3mb

tbh i wouldnt care about ram usage, this machine is for web only and has 3gb ram spare, isnt exactly expensive nowadays..
I normally have 8 or 9 tabs open, and on average it's at 130,000KB (thats around 130MB right?)

That is FF3.0+
I once saw a large scale comparison of one of the firefox 3 betas and other browsers when it came to memory usage, especially in the long run. Firefox 3 beat all of the contestants, and came out about 4 times better than the IE8 beta, I believe it was.

Hmm 48 MB with not much open. Compared to IE7 with 40MB and not much open. Of course IE is probably using a bunch of shared MS DLL's with other MS applications I have open so it is not a fair comparison.
My firefox 3 has two tabs open and something downloading. I also have five extensions running - It's at 54 meg ...

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