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I use Internet Explorer becasue its one less application to install, besides its integrated with Windows XP and cant really be removed without screwing things up.


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Firebird is my primary also have Mozilla, Opera and MSIE (for those lame sites you often have to go to which wont work with anything else)

Perris Calderon

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and everybody knows I use ie, as it's the only browser that's not an add addition, it has a much easier time with sites that nothing else wants to's as customizable as any other browser for tabs, etc with much smaller add ons, and nothing else benchmarks for me faster at loading pages

since ms has stopped developing ie, alas, I might in the near future be forced to load an add on like firebird

but I hesitate untill something opens more pages then ie...that's when i guess I'll be forced to add on


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Originally posted by Admiral Michael
cant really be removed without screwing things up.
With SP1 installed it can be removed safely using the Add/Remove Windows Components part of Add/Remove Programs in control panel, same with the other microsoft integrated programs (Outlook, Media Player, Messenger, MSN Explorer etc.)


On one monitor Opera is constantly running with two tabs opened to the forums I am at home in. Set to autorefresh every minute.
For other things I mainly use IE and from time to time Firebird.


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FireBird (Nightlies normally) as my primary browser and Opera installed for checking layouts etc.

The SP1 thing for "removing" IE is pathetic, it simply sets the .exe to hidden, which doesn't really have any affect when you have hidden icons showing. :)


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Huh wat, MSIE is stopping standalone development and other aspects are gonna need OS fixes to make it better. Stupid *******s, fix MSIE with PNG and XML first then you can kill standalone development, that doesnt require OS fixes.

sorry I had to get that out, I am annoyed at having to webcode around MSIE's inadiquacies in those areas

hoho MS's MSIE PNG transparency fix is for the coder to add more code to their webpages, fantasico;en-us;294714
Its like the word Standard has no meaning within Microsoft, unless its a Microsoft "Standard"

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