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Browser choice / Civil Liberties!


Debiant by way of Ubuntu

Someone I know well enough to trust sent me to this link and it really got me thinking!

I felt I ought to share here - almost posted under security, but it does not really go there and we have no current affairs forum - so it is here.

I'll be interested to read peoples replies on the issues it brings up!

BTW read right to the end of the page - maybe I should have posted in jokes and humour when you see the last bit ;)


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Hmmmm, in the US the Authorites, traced back a phishing scam to an unemployed painter in PA. who used Tsunami relief as his pitch. As far as the lynx ordeal I find that freakin hilarious.....Chihuahua, they gave me a Chihuahua? :laugh:
hehe, well looking at the mess the national security is in in this country i find this very easy to believe. However when i looked further into the other news stories... i think the brittish government is trying everything they can do remove humans rights. :s


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So using Konqueror from Debian and not releasing any information about anything is bad. Wait, isn't that called being secure? No, it must be hacking.


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