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I tried Browser 3D. It allowed an invasion into my computer and automatically installed a dialer program which kept opening new windows to dial a german number. So much for Browser 3D not allowing pop-up windows much less a total invasion. Sygate personal firewall attempted to stop the invasion but Broswer 3D would not shut down. Just thought I'd post this since others may not be aware of the lack of security in this browser. I have never had such an invasion ever occur while using MS IE. I sent an e-mail about it the the people at I really don't expect them to respond.


no problems here, it works great.

The only way a dialer can be installed on our system is by either clicking an .exe or agreeing to a web installation as it works off of the same security settings as IE.

Only user interaction can put a dialer on your machine :)


browser 3d trouble reply

I did not allow an .exe program to run. I did receive a warning window from Browser 3d stating that I'd have to allow "a" pop-up window since the problem site would not open otherwise. (The site was a warez site. I wanted to see how Browser 3D would handle pop-ups but I had never gone to this specific site before.) After making the concession to allow a pop-up - all flood gates were opened. The auto dialer was installed and dialed. Everytime I tried to close the dialer it opened a new session. I could not use ALT and F4 to close anything. B3D locked up and allowed the dialer to continue. I ended up manually shutting down the machine by hitting the power button on the tower. After restarting I found desktop icons for the autodialer. I found it installed into the B3D directory. I found it in the task tray. I found that someone was scanning my machine. I uninstalled the autodialer. Removed all autodialer parts that I could find from my machine.

I received a response from Browser 3D. I replied with the exact website and what happened. He told me that it was based on the same security settings as IE. So I decided to use IE to open the site to see what would happen. The same thing happened! Except it was easier to close out IE. Maybe they should go beyond using the same security settings as IE.


I gave Browse3D a whirl and honestly wasn't that impressed--the animation between center and side windows absolutely crawled on my box (PIII 700, 320mb RAM) and I found the whole "forward-crawling" feature quite annoying and a bit superfluous for my needs. I'll stick with IE (and Opera, when I'm feeling like a change), thank you very much.

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