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I have got up to the point just after you can tell your squadmate to go and shoot stuff, really where it all kicks off - but world of warcraft -- it won't leave me alone
Electronic Punk said:
I have got up to the point just after you can tell your squadmate to go and shoot stuff, really where it all kicks off - but world of warcraft -- it won't leave me alone
I share your addiction. No other game means anything to me anymore... :(


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World of Warcraft blah blah blah you guys must let go of your abusive addiction with this thing called World of Warcraft. lol

BTW Brothers in Arms is a kick ass game. It is very intense and extraordinarily different from other games. Such games as Full Spectrum Warrior left a lot to the gamer to experience. Where FSW left out its design is where Brothers in Arms picks it up. It is a mix of Ghost Recon with Full Spectrum Warrior but the design and innovation is far past that of any game to date.

Like I said it is a great game. I cant wait to test this out at my next LAN Party. Hope that helped buddy ;)


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I saw the commercial for it the other day and I almost wet my pants. Just from the commercial it looks like an amazing game. I just wish I had money for it right now. I can't wait to try that game.


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I've been playing for a couple days and its allot of fun. I would agree with synical33 in that its a combination between FSW and Call of Duty with its WWII theme. Its really cool to direct your tank and squad in different directions so you flank you enemy for a surprise attack. It can be challenging to stay alive as you can't earn any health during battles. I've also had some problems shooting these guys as It looks like my sight is dead on and I miss. "I think I need glasses". Awesome game however and I'd give it 9 out of 10 of the WWII games. And I really hope this is the last WWII game as the market is overly saturated with the things.


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Why do people think it's crap? Crap for the sake of crap? I've had it for some time now and I'm playing it slowly. I'm currently on day 6. Fun so far. I like all the extras that show the real life places where the missions happen.


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brothers in arms is a great game and wow sucks i mean dont buy a game if yur not going to play it really..........


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I'm starting Brothers in Arms and am a few missions in. so far I'm dissappointed but I will keep playing and give it a chance. I hope I end up liking it, but I've given up on games too fast and missed a lot of stuff...well I'll keep truckin along


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I didn't like it much the first few "levels" ... but started liking it after you get into all the strategy involveed and the fact that these were based actual missions between German and Airborne squads in WW2. I liked unlocking the extras after each mission. This is probably one of the only games I've played where I wasn't frustrated to die a thousand times. I just reloaded and tried another strategy. I just finished the game last night and will probably go through it again slowly on a harder difficulty ... and probably authentic difficulty.

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