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Aug 4, 2004
Hey All: I'm using an ATI 9600 AIW and have never had a problem with it other than the
right combination of CCC and MMC to work properly and other picky things.
All of my games have played flawlessly until my Motherboard went bad.
I have a P-4 3.00 Hyperthreading and 2 gigs of memory. The motherboard was
a Gigabyte Ga-81848-G. I installed an Asus P4S800D-X and all of my games work
accept my EA Sports, Nascar Thunder 2004 game. It freezes my computer solid
when i click on ANYTHING at all once the game opens.
I have tried several Drivers and CCCs including the latest with no luck.
Has anyone had the same problem and has anyone found a cure?

Thanks......... ~ wyse ~


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Jan 25, 2003
Yeah what zeke asked. Sometimes you can make a MB change without reformat work and sometimes you get a few wrong drivers left over that cause conflicts.

If you haven't reformated try this first:
Uninstall the MB devices under System in Device Manager that affect the sound and video (AGP to PCI bridge, etc) and uninstall the video card and sound. Then reboot and windows will find the new devices. Use the MB CD to install the devices. Then install the latest video card and sound drivers fresh. Use the manufacturers websites to get the latest drivers. The Windows update stuff has installed some bad drivers on my systems.

If that hasn't worked then back up your data, and any liscences and do a clean windows install.


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Aug 4, 2004
Hey: Thanks for your help. When i installed the MB I did a windows repair to
get everything working. That is when i noticed that the game wouldn't
work. I formatted the drive and reinstalled everything fresh. I still have
the same problem with the game.
At this point i thought maybe the game CD might be going away but
I installed the game on another computer and it works fine.
I tried uninstalling my X-Fi Extreme Music card and drivers but did not
help. I used driver cleaner pro to uninstall my ATI drivers before
installing different ones. I have tried the latest for sound and graphics
and a bunch in between. A real head scratcher:mad:

~ Wyse ~


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Aug 4, 2004
Hey All: Thanks for the help replies. I removed my All-In-Wonder card and
everything related and installed an N-vidia G-Force 4000MX card
that i had kicking around. All of my games work flawlessly and my
LCD is much clearer with better colour.:)
I'm using my ATI card for a paper weight now. :mad: I'll by a TV tuner
card for the TV.

~ Wyse ~

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