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Can anyone tell me simply , what is the difference between
and any others that you can think of .
Thinking of upgrading from 56k modem but unsure what to get.

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Broadband is a general name to a high "vilocity" inernet conection, it includes dsl, cable, optic vibers etc.
the real diference between dsl (wich incudes Adsl and Xdsl, ithink) and cable is the maximum upload speed (cable usually have higher upload speeds but cost more) the maximum download speed is pretty mutch the same (depends on how mutch your willing to pay).
brocher, as you are in the UK, you are more likely to be able to get ADSL or RADSL. Both do the same thing, are broadband and usually operate at a base of 512 (download speed) and 256 (upload speed)
You could also get Telewest Cable, but that is capped at the same speed as the ADSL (and last I heard they were heading down the pan)

If you are going to get ADSL, first make sure that you can, BT have a checker on their site.

I would recommend Demon.co.uk for Broadband, they are cheaper than BT and FreeServe.
You do have to buy your own ADSL modem though. But these are about £50 for the ADSL Alcatel SpeedTouch USB (the lightblue sting ray looking thing)
You could also get a NetGear DG814 ADSL Router/ 4 port hub if you have a network and want all of them to connect to it. It is faster than using ICS really.

If you have anymore questions let me know.
I have done a fair bit of research on ADSL in the UK, mine should be connected on Monday.
Added to the above, ADSL is 'Asymetric', meaning that the upload and download speeds are not the same. Pure DSL has upload and download at the same speed (if somebody is trying to sell you a 'DSL' link with different upload and download, then it's ADSL).
Telewest broadband is better than BT, FreeServe cause it's faster download and upload ADLS depends on how many users and keep's a staedy pace whilst downloading a lot of thing but Telewest will be fast on 2 and slow on 1 depend's but Telewest BroadBand has been the best 2 years running i think where i live anyway
There was some news in the paper recently that Telewest was having some financial problems so that would mean that BlueYonder (their cable subsiduary) was going to go bye bye.
I havent heard anymore since then though about it.

Hi, I have ADSL via Pipex,£23.44 a month, great connection speeds 576Kbps, and the easy to configure Fujitsu USB modem, too good to miss!, the Alcatel is not so easy to configure.
Well I have now had my ADSL connected and working since Monday, its wicked I love the speed and the always on. It is way better than ISDN.


it's great isn't it?!! the first time I tried high speed (cable in this case) I was blown away.. suddenly I was able to justify spending the money per month; especially since I started playing games online..



RADSL (Rate-Adaptive Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line):

ADSL is a distance dependant technology. Previously, subscribers needed to be located within 3.5km from the local exchange in order to be able to receive ADSL. With rate adaptive, reach is extended to around 5.5km for customers.

Originally posted by Nick
I wish I could get broadband, but it's just simply to expensive and not available here.
Well yea Nick - you being out somewhere in the Milky way and all. I would think maybe you can lasso one of them satellites out there - I don't think they have enough wire for you down here. LOL

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