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Broadband happiness

Translated parts:
Stångåstaden has made a deal with Bredbandsbolaget ["The Broadband Company"] for construction [of a network] and services for ca 14000 apartments. The construction will start summer 2005 and will go on for about two years. The broadband network will include all apartments [owned by Stångåstaden] in the Linköping city area and Ljungsbro. [...] The services available in the network from the start will be Internet connections up to 100Mbit [up and down], IP telephony and IP television.
Source (swedish): http://www.stangastaden.se/CM/Templ...x?cmguid=852782d9-a814-4eaf-9e46-49fe91f3f30e

Guess who just moved into one of their apartments? :D Woot!


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thekore said:
hmm, how much would it be do you reckon to immigrate to HK :p
Probably cost you dear if you get caught without an HK IDcard... hehe ;)
Luckily I've got one, although I hardly go there and will unlikely stay there to live.

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