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Broadband cut off over BT dispute

About 5,500 customers have had their broadband internet service cut off amid a row between their supplier and BT. Euro1Net's service has been suspended after BT Wholesale said the company, based in Ramsgate, Kent, had repeatedly failed to pay off its invoices. Some customers had paid hundreds of pounds upfront for a two-year broadband connection with Euro1Net.
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You don't pay your bills you get cut off.

This is why I like using the Post Office as my phone provider, dare anyone take the mick with the Queen.


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That's crazy, sucks that the people don't have an alternative.

BT is going to lose a crap load of money in revenue I would imagine.


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Euro1Net have had since June to pay the outstanding invoices, and considering they've had the money up front from the customers!

I guess BT had to do something in the end, they may make huge sums of money but they're not a charity! :p


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Sadly this is another lawsuit that will clog up your court system, and only affect those people who cant afford an alternative.
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