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British Weather Su**s


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Completely off the topic and at the point were I have had enough with the cr** British weather at the moment because I have 12.5m left of fascia and sofix left to complete renervations on the house. But at the moment the weather su**s because it has rained for 5 days on the trot and lets up for a while then starts raining and which becomes very depressing.

The point I am making here which is pointless yeah I know but, what the heck I want to moan about the weather. Which do you trust, the Met Office or BBC...?

The Met Office says it's going to rain again tomorrow and fine Wednesday...? The BBC says it's great weather tomorrow for the next three days which basically means I can get some work done.

Moan over I'm out of here...?
I am soon moving to a place that gets an average of 75 inches of rain a year and 84 of snow. It rains for weeks. Don't complain :p

Evil Marge

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Well it is October so what do you expect? Dunno why people complain when we've having unusually warm weather for the time of year even if it is a bit wet. Anyway a sensible person would do that kind of outdoor work in the summer :rolleyes: :lick:

Electronic Punk

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Yeah, was hot here yesterday, really making a good effort to rain over the weekend and now it is bloody cold today.

Just need the perfect combo so I can clean my car inside and out ;D


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It's just the weather dude.

It's out of your hands, so why get upset about it? It's pointless.
Yeah I know but it still su**s... :lick:

I managed to get the Baywindow done now just 8m left to do. I'm not getting upset about the weather I was just mad because it has not let up for 5 days and yes it's October what do expect, as this is the time of the year when it's wet and windy... I just want to get these jobs done seald and ready before the real weather sets in. (I mean the bad weather sets in) :cry:

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