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Brian Lara wrests back the record


F@H - Is it in you?
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I've been following live commentary of the England v/s West Indies test and brian lara has just broken Matt Hayden's record of 380 runs (Lara held the old record of 375) and is currently sitting on 390 last I checked... I reckon he's probably declare once he gets to 400 or when he's out...

glorious innings though :cool:

lara is the man... one of the top 5 batsmen in the world...


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Brilliant. He has reclaimed his record on the same ground. He also might be the first batsman ever to score a 400. Lara is the man. Really admire him. ;)


Yep, Hats off to the great man. Amazing feat considering that he isnt so young as he was 10 yrs ago when he made th 375. Wonder if the 400 will ever be broken.


F@H - Is it in you?
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someone will break it someday...

always something to look forward to...

its as hard to get as 10 wickets in an innings though... and consider 400 has only been reached 10 times in 1st class cricket... twice by Lara and that really is saying something...


I'm sorry Hal...
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Hats off to the man, excellent achievement. Although it would have been better if it wasn't against England! lol :)


God was on his side, he was out when on zero (0).

Well rough with the smooth. I admit I can't stand him personally, it was some of the comments he made after losing in the world cup to Kenya, that took the shine off his persona.

I am watching it as we speak, Freddie 73 not out. Hoggard on 0.

I can see the 400 being broken in my lifetime as over run rate in tests is getting faster.

The pitch was like batting in the nets at the Oval, hard, no cracks no deviations.

10 years ago when I had the up most respect for him I was going to clal my son after him, no not Brian, but Lara, was a better innings.

I wonder what new home he has built in the Caribbean, he names all the rooms, well he had the Fraser room, main lounge and the toilet is named after, guess who. I give you a clue, it is raining **** and Dogs.

I just hope this inning he scored is a wake up call to the younger West Indians, to quit playing boring America sports and play Cricket. We might get back the great 70's teams, of Lloyd, Marshall, Richards, Garner, Roberts, Holding and many more.

BTW Clive Lloyd is my girls second cousin. He's a real nice guy, we could do with more Cricketers with his ability, would make it the best sport again.

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